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Rigs report: EPC spending will rise 250% over 2020, says analyst

With oil prices holding above US$60 per barrel, one offshore energy analyst believes 2021 will see a significant uptick in offshore drilling activity, with spending up 250% over last year. Speaking to delegates at the Annual Offshore Support Journal Virtual Conference & Exhibition, Westwood Global Energy head of offshore Thom Payne said, “Now on the surface, […]

Three Ds for owner survival in tough offshore markets

Diversification, digitalisation and decarbonisation are strategies offshore support vessel (OSV) owners need to adopt to survive during the double downturn the sector is facing. V.Group chief executive René Kofod-Olsen believes these will drive trends in the OSV sector in the next 12 months, with more vessels transitioning to offshore renewables as demand accelerates outside of […]

Floating offshore wind ‘could be largest frontier’ for wind power in Asia Pacific

Floating offshore wind could be the next frontier in wind power development in the Asia Pacific region, says Wood Mackenzie, which says a ‘significant market’ for it is emerging in Asia. Developers in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan have announced plans to develop demonstration projects, although the scale of deployment is still limited compared to […]

Fishermen Turn to Apps and AI to Tackle Climate Change

From weather predicting apps to using artificial intelligence to monitor the fish they catch, small-scale fishermen and coastal communities are increasingly turning to digital tools to help them be more sustainable and tackle climate change. Overfishing and illegal fishing by commercial vessels inflict significant damage on fisheries and the environment, and take food and jobs […]

11 innovations protecting life below water – and above it

Arc Marine’s innovative Reef Cubes can help boost large-scale coral restoration projects and provide eco-friendly marine habitats while also protecting man-made assets. Atlantic Sea Farms is creating products made from sustainably farmed sea greens, while also expanding opportunities for fishing communities and helping them to mitigate the effects of ocean acidification. Cascadia Seaweed provides healthy plant-based nutritional food, […]

World’s largest 3D printer to cut wind turbine blade costs by half

Researchers believe a 3D printing solution could reduce lead times by at least six months and  development costs by 25-50% for wind turbine blades. The University of Maine has been awarded a $2.8 million government grant to develop a 3D printing solution to create large, recyclable, segmented wind blade moulds. In 2019, the university commissioned the largest […]

Siemens Gamesa books Reygar vessel monitoring boost

Reygar has been commissioned by Siemens Gamesa to develop a motion comfort monitoring tool capability within its BareFleet remote monitoring and reporting platform for vessels supporting multi-day work at the manufacturer’s projects. The new system will track and analyse motion, fuel consumption and crew sickness in different cabin locations, with a specific focus on boosting […]

Taiwan cuts offshore wind tariffs

Taiwan has reduced its feed-in tariff (FiT) for offshore wind projects signing 20-year power purchase agreements (PPAs) in 2021 by 8.5%, compared with 2020 rates. The FiT cuts, confirmed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs today, are in line with those proposed by the ministry in December. The main rate for projects signing 20-year PPAs […]

Asian offshore wind market to match Europe within five years

Asian offshore wind capacity will grow sixfold to 52GW by 2025, according to new reasearch. China will continue to dominate, but foreign developers will drive major growth in Taiwan and Vietnam. According to analysis compiled by Norwegian consultancy Rystad Energy, Asia has grown from practically zero offshore capacity in 2015 to more than 6GW today. Fuelled […]